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International Programs

Nankai University Binhai
College (China)
International Project

Nankai University Binhai College is one of our sister universities based in China. In 2017, we launched a joint research project where students formed teams and conducted research together. The Hakodate University teams visited the Nankai University Binhai College to do workshops and shared their presentations.

Asian Marketing

This is a competitive workshop aimed at students who enjoy challenges. The successful group goes to an Asian destination to be decided by the Asian Marketing Workshop Committee. The winning team can get financial support and training before they depart. For instance, in 2018, a group researched about Thai tourists visiting Hakodate. The students visited Thailand and conducted a field survey. After returning to Japan, the group summarized the survey results and reported to the mayor at City Hall where they were able to ask questions regarding the future policies of Hakodate. From this workshop, students learned the importance of taking on challenges through hands-on experiences.

Activating Local Interest

The students are implementing a local revitalization project. The aim is to develop human resources skills that can incorporate local issues while having a global perspective. For instance, in 2019, there was the “Taiwan Project” with the theme of exporting food from southern Hokkaido to Taiwan. The students conducted a survey and did research in collaboration with a student team from an academically affiliated school, Chang Jung Christian University in Taiwan. Both schools presented the survey results jointly at the student research presentation.